First Ink Pen Brush Set

$5.25 - $10.00
  • First Ink Pen Brush Set
  • First Ink Pen Brush Set
  • First Ink Pen Brush Set
  • First Ink Pen Brush Set
  • First Ink Pen Brush Set

Please allow up to 24 hours for the email file link to send! If it still hasn't arrived, contact me!

"First Ink Pen," the perfect brush set for Procreate is designed for beginners who would like to draw in that nostalgic charm of manga and anime aesthetics. Tailored for ease of use and inspired by the distinctive ink sketch look, this set is the perfect answer! Pair it with my aesthetic color palette sets (on my Etsy) for peak the peak aesthetic look! Comes with a FREEBIE! An extremely handy Textured Ink Brush Pen :) Perfect for extra texture for hair, clothing, or shading!

The heart of "First Ink Pen" brush set lies in its signature brush – the essential ink sketchy brush. Recreate the timeless allure of classic manga and anime sketches with my handmade and hand designed crafted brush, providing a smooth and natural feel that's perfect for bringing your characters to life. All the brushes in "First Ink Pen" captures the essence of traditional art while providing the convenience and versatility of digital tools. It is also designed with beginners in mind! This brush pack makes a seamless transition into digital art.

These ink brushes are sure to give you the ability to create aesthetic nostalgia to your characters and backgrounds. Enhance your overall drawing experience with this effective and easy-to-use brush pack!

✒️ First Ink Pen
✒️ Sketched Ink Pen
✒️ Flat Color Pen
✒️ Thin Ink Pen
✒️ FREEBIE! Textured Ink

🌸 This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical product upon purchase.
🌸 Brushes only available for Procreate
🌸 For PERSONAL use ONLY. Downloading the brush is an agreement to NOT share, trace, copy, or distribute, thank you!

- After receiving the email, download the .brushset file (it is easier to install on the device where you have Procreate downloaded)
- Open the file
- Select “Open in Procreate” or “Copy to Procreate”.
- Done!

Message me here or on Instagram @viyaura if you have any questions!