Simply Kawaii Brush Set

$5.25 - $9.00
  • Simply Kawaii Brush Set
  • Simply Kawaii Brush Set
  • Simply Kawaii Brush Set
  • Simply Kawaii Brush Set
  • Simply Kawaii Brush Set

Please allow up to 24 hours for the email file link to send! If it still hasn't arrived, contact me!

"Simply Kawaii," the ultimate brush set to create cute, kawaii, anime, adorable digital creations!

*I use this to make my stickers, keychains, merch n more!*

Brushes can be used to draw humans, animals, food, nature–anything that can be be turned into cuteness with this brush pack! I personally like using this to make comics, stickers, and keychains! The chalky-sketchy look is perfect for a nostalgic childhood visual. Use this brush pack to bring a touch of cuteness to your artwork with these specially crafted brushes, designed for both beginners and experienced artists. Comes with 6 free pattern brushes!

-`♡´- Kawaii Brush
-`♡´- Kawaii Brush (big)
-`♡´- Kawaii Fluffy Brush
-`♡´- Kawaii Fluffy Brush (big)
-`♡´- Flat Colors
-`♡´- Kawaii Cloud Pattern (free!)
-`♡´- Kawaii Heart Pattern (free!)
-`♡´- Kawaii Circle Pattern (free!)
-`♡´- Kawaii Square Pattern (free!)
-`♡´- Kawaii Bows Pattern (free!)
-`♡´- Kawaii Swirls Pattern (free!)

Turn your digital canvas into art described by cuteness and creativity. Elevate your artistic journey with a brush set that not only meets but exceeds your expectations! I hope you enjoy the Simply Kawaii set as much as I do :)

🌸 This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical product upon purchase.
🌸 Brushes only available for Procreate
🌸 For PERSONAL use ONLY. Downloading the brush is an agreement to NOT share, trace, copy, or distribute, thank you!

- After receiving the email, download the .brushset file (it is easier to install on the device where you have Procreate downloaded)
- Open the file
- Select “Open in Procreate” or “Copy to Procreate”.
- Done!

Message me here or on Instagram @viyaura if you have any questions!